JAN-PRO’s EnviroShield System Help Reduce the Spread of Viruses

An outbreak of COVID-19 began in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China in December 2019, and has spread throughout China and to 31 other countries and territories, including the United States1. COVID-19 is an enveloped viruses2. There are many enveloped viruses, including HBV, HCV, HIV and influenza.  They are pathogenic to humans, meaning that they make you sick. […]

Help Reduce Absenteeism and Protect Employees from Viruses

As the death toll and number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the United States continue to rise, employee health is now more important than ever. Good hygiene practices and clean, sterile environments are paramount to keeping employees safe and helping to prevent the spread of this deadly epidemic. Obviously, the best form of good hygiene […]

Combatting Viruses: The Science of Commercial Cleaning

The new COVID-19 is an enveloped virus. They’re pathogenic to humans, meaning they make you sick. The bad news: The virus statistics are staggering – and they’re climbing rapidly. Without a vaccine for this deadly disease, what can you do to protect yourself, your business, and your constituents from it? Some good news: The lipid membrane […]