The 22nd Street Park in Tampa, Florida is the perfect location for families, couples, and even those on a budget. This location is very close to the attractions of downtown Tampa and is also within walking distance to Downtown Disney, as well as all the activities that make this area a great place for all sorts of visitors and residents. The park features an outdoor playground, a large lawn with lots of plants, gardens, and paths, as well as several different parks and walking paths throughout. Learn more here.

There are several different parks in this location, each designed to offer something unique for those who wish to have a more laid back experience while visiting this area. The biggest park feature is the nature trail that takes walkers through a gazebo-like structure that offers a beautiful view of Tampa Bay. In addition to this, the park also features a beach access where visitors can enjoy the nice weather that makes this area so attractive for so many people. A picnic area sits directly under the gazebo, and a pool is situated right by the beach. Learn more about ZooTampa Bay at Lowry Park in Tampa, FL – An Attraction Worth Visiting.

Each of the different paths in this park has benches where guests can sit while they are enjoying the sights and sounds of the area. In addition, there are a few benches for younger kids to enjoy as well. This is the perfect park for anyone who is looking for an area where they can get away from it all and relax for a little while. With all of the natural beauty that this area features, it is also a great spot to meet other families, especially if you have children as well. The nature trails and walkways allow visitors to meet up while they are on a nature hike or walking their dogs. If you have a small family, there are also several picnic areas that are available for your families to enjoy some fresh foods while you are in this park. For those on a budget, there are also several restaurants in this area that will be able to provide you with the wonderful food that you are hoping for.