The Tampa Theatre has been a legendary U.S. theatre landmark and historic community landmark in downtown Tampa, Florida since 1924. Designed by a renowned architect as an outdoor theatre style auditorium style cinema, it was opened on October 15, 1926 as the world’s first theatre to be built on a permanent site in America. Today, this historical landmark stands proudly as one of the most popular theaters in the Tampa area. Whether you are visiting or moving to this beautiful Florida city, you will find that the Tampa Theatre offers something for everyone. See more here.

One of the best features of the Tampa theatre is its historic architecture, which is featured on its exterior, in the lobby and throughout the interior. The Tampa Theatre was constructed with the finest materials and architectural design, and it is truly unique. Its facade features two large columns that form the base of the structure, which offers a stunning backdrop to the auditorium. The building also features many original features that include awnings over its two main entrances that allow natural light to stream into the auditorium, and a grand circular marquee that can be seen from the street. The theatre also boasts an exterior parking garage, which features numerous elevators to allow patrons to access the building. It is home to a number of businesses including The Tampa Theatre Company, the Tampa Museum of Art, and the Tampa Symphony. See here for information about Sulphur Spring Water Tower – A Historic Landmark of Tampa, Florida.

The theatre itself is an exciting place to visit and experience, and it is also a great place to dine in. The theatre offers a wide variety of restaurants, cafes, barbeque restaurants, and fine dining restaurants throughout its grounds. There are even a few indoor shows that the theatre regularly screens for their patrons. If you are interested in dining, you should check out the downtown restaurant district, where the Tampa Theatre Company owns the Seaport Village. This area is one of the most popular dining areas in Downtown Tampa and it is perfect for enjoying Tampa’s waterfront view while enjoying some quality food and drinks.