Adventure Island in Tampa, FL is one of the most visited theme parks in America. The park is located near the Intracoastal Waterway and features many rides and attractions that children love. There are two water parks that Adventure Island offers for adults and kids. The most popular is Runaway Rapids which is located near the Adventure Zone. The Runaway Rapids ride is basically a roller coaster ride in Adventure Island water park located in Tampa. The Runaway Rapids roller coaster ride in Adventure Island water park located in Tampa is actually a little different than the other rides available at the park. Learn information about Tampa, FL here.

Adventure Island’s other water park, called the Sky Tower, is another great place for young and old alike to enjoy the water. The ride provides visitors with an incredible view of Tampa Bay, while riding in a tower. There are three rides to choose from on this ride. The first, the Sky Jump is essentially a vertical tube ride that goes up and down for three miles. The next is the Sky Ride, a ride that has a small carousel attached to it that is controlled by two people. The last is the Sky Walk. It has an actual walkway attached to the building that goes up and down. Discover facts about Check Out The 22nd Street Park in Tampa, Florida.

If you are looking for a fun filled day of entertainment then Adventure Island in Tampa, FL may be just the thing for you. Many people come back every year and tell their friends about their experience with Adventure Island in Florida. There are many activities that kids can participate in for hours. The theme park also features some family areas where parents can have some alone time. When it comes to water parks, it is very important that they have plenty of water available.