If you like living on the water and enjoy hiking in natural wildlife, you should consider moving to Lake Fern, Florida. Located on the north shore of Florida, Lake Fern is part of Keys West, a popular vacation destination for visitors from the Eastern U.S. The community itself was designed around the lake and surrounding natural wildlife. More can be found here.

Lake Fern is an unincorporated town in Hillsborough County, Florida. Though separate from the city of Key West, it is still part of the designated town of Keystone. The zip code for this community is 55456. You can view some amazing pictures of the natural wildlife in the area by searching for the keywords “lake fern Florida” on Google Maps. Learn more about Keystone, Florida – Living The Good Life.

This state university school has two main campus locations: The Lake Fern campus in south Florida and the campus at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Both have well-received student populations, providing quality education for many students each year. Both are just minutes from the Everglades and the panhandle; the only cities with these natural environs in Florida. The proximity makes it easy for those who live elsewhere in the state to commute to Florida or for those who simply enjoy a quiet escape to nature and the great outdoors.

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