JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting certified franchisees offer quality, safety, and emergency commercial cleaning services to businesses in Tampa.

First impressions last long.

This expression is true especially when it comes to creating an impression on your customers or clients. Apart from providing high-quality products and services, you want to ensure that your customers are received into a clean, healthy, and welcoming environment. 

A clean environment doesn’t only help draw customers to your business space, it can also motivate your staff and boost their productivity.

Cleanliness is never more important than now when the country is grappling with the impact of the pandemic. Showing commitment to cleanliness and public hygiene can help attract more people to your business, preventing transmission of the virus within your business space. 

Although many companies require their staff to keep their shared workspaces tidy, this practice rarely results in a holistic clean environment. 

If you want to keep your property safe for your customers and staff, your best bet at achieving that is by engaging the service of a professional commercial cleaning service. 

Professional cleaning or janitorial services are certified, equipped, and licensed to carry out a comprehensive cleaning and help ensure that your property is safe for everyone.

However, it can be confusing sometimes to choose the right cleaning service for your commercial property. The service provider you choose determines not only the quality of the service you receive but also how long it takes for your project to be completed and your overall experience throughout the process. 

As a result, you want to hire a company that can handle your cleaning needs the right way, the first time, and at an affordable price.

Tips to Find the Right Commercial Cleaning Service

One of the best and easiest ways to find the right professional commercial cleaning company is to ask trusted colleagues in your industry. This will help you reduce the time you put into the research and narrow down your list of potential companies. If you have a friend or family who owns or manages a similar business like yours, don’t hesitate to ask them for recommendations. 

Reviews of past clients can serve as a guide into what the professional cleaning service can offer your business. Search for local professional cleaning services on search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. 

Once you make a list of the top results from your search, check for testimonials from previous clients. Also, check reviews on independent local review sites like Yelp and Google My Business. Reputable businesses should have a good number of reviews from satisfied customers.

Before you start searching for a professional commercial cleaning service company, the first thing is to define your needs. This will help you to be more specific in terms of the type of service you’re looking for. 

Also, you need to consider your industry and the type of building your office is located in. All these factors will determine the tools, equipment, and materials your cleaning company will need to give you satisfactory results.

When it comes to cleaning your commercial property, choosing an experienced company with a proven track record of success is the best way to get a perfect service. You don’t want to make the mistake of hiring an amateur or someone who doesn’t understand your industry. 

Before you hire any company, ask them about the businesses in your industry they’ve worked with. Ask about their process and the results to expect at the end of the day. Ask for testimonials from happy clients. 

A truly experienced cleaning company should have a loyal customer base with plenty of reviews. Only go with the one that demonstrates expertise and understanding of your industry.

Although hiring a professional cleaning service can promote safety and cleanliness in your workplace, you want to ensure that your customers and employees are not exposed to any health risks in the process. 

You should ask the professional commercial cleaning service company about the measures they have in place to keep everyone safe during and after the exercise. The right commercial cleaning provider uses the industry’s safest and most effective disinfection methods. 

Another way to find out if the company offers a safe service is to ask if they’re certified and insured. Hiring an insured service reduces your company’s liability in the event that something goes wrong.

After reaching out to your selected companies, it’s time to get a quote from each of them. An experienced company should tailor a quote to your specific business. This is why you need to be clear on what you need from the onset. 

Being specific about your needs helps the professional to provide the most accurate quote. It’s okay to walk away if a quote doesn’t meet your expectations. The right professional commercial cleaning service should provide a quote that meets your budget.

What Are The Benefits of Hiring A Professional Commercial Cleaning Service?

By keeping your commercial property clean and safe, you can ensure greater customer satisfaction and higher employee productivity. A professional cleaning service ensures every part of the building, including floor, windows, computer, printers, and other electronics is properly cleaned and disinfected to give your business space a spotless and sparkling clean result. 

Rather than pass the responsibility of cleaning onto an in-house cleaner or a receptionist, choose a professional who has experience in your industry. Professional commercial cleaning expertise brings expertise and experience to your project, ensuring that you get exceptional results. In addition, a professional combines smarter cleaning solutions and green cleaning methods to reduce harmful chemical use to keep your staff and customers safe.

Relying on an unskilled and under-equipped in-house cleaning employee not only deprives your business space of quality cleaning, but it might also put the entire cleaning routine on hold, especially when the employee takes time off or leaves for a different job. Hiring a professional commercial cleaning team is the best way to ensure that your cleaning is done the right way at the right time.

Germs are invisible organisms that can cause sickness or disease. The service ensures that industry-approved chemical compounds are used to clean and remove all forms of germs and viruses are removed from surfaces in your business. They ensure that all materials are 100% safe and comply with the safety standards recommended by EPA, OSHA, and CDC. 

Sometimes, it can be difficult to maintain a stable cleaning calendar with an in-house cleaning employee. The office cleaning guy or lady, who also works part-time as an appointment setter or travels for her second job, might dedicate enough time to your office cleaning. 

Instead, hire a professional janitorial service who will not only offer dedicated attention to your cleaning needs but also show up on a scheduled basis.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Professional Commercial Cleaning Service Company?

While it’s important to consider factors such as industry experience, expertise, availability, and reviews when contemplating a company to hire, the cost of the service is one important factor you cannot ignore. 

There’s no universal standard for the cost of janitorial services. The cost of hiring a professional commercial cleaning service depends on all the factors such as the experience of the service provider, your cleaning needs, and the city you’re in. 

For example, more experienced, reputable, and widely-available companies tend to charge more than smaller teams. Likewise, the bigger your office size, the more you’re likely to pay, but it all depends on the specifics of your cleaning needs.

To get the best possible price, ensure you compare quotes from at least three providers and seek clarifications to avoid hidden costs. Consider a combination of quality and affordability in your decision-making.

Where To Find The Best Commercial Cleaning Company in Tampa

If you’re looking for commercial cleaning professionals who are experts in your industry, then JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting is the right option for you. The independent certified business owners at JAN-PRO of Tampa Bay have proven experience working with multiple industries including auto dealerships, banks & financial institutions, construction, restaurants, schools, and healthcare centers. 

Using the industry’s safest cleaning solutions and exclusive systems like EnviroShield®, JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting strives to provide the highest quality cleaning services that prioritize your customer’s and employees’ safety. 

For medical, surgical, and dental offices, JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting uses its own MedMetrix® system designed to meet the standards set by AORN, OSHA, the Joint Commission, and the CDC. 

Certified franchisees service businesses and community spaces in Tampa Bay, Odessa, Palm Harbor, Hillsborough County, and the surrounding areas. 

If you need a professional commercial cleaning service in Tampa Bay or have questions about how to keep your office safe in the midst of a pandemic, please call: (813) 212-2261

Additional Information about the city, Tampa, FL:

The population of Tampa is approximately 392,800 making it the 3rd largest city in Florida and the 53rd largest city in the United States. Tampa is part of the metropolitan area most commonly referred to as the “Tampa Bay Area” which has an approximate population of 3 .1 million. It is located on the west coast of Florida. Tampa’s economy is founded on a diverse base that includes tourism, agriculture, construction, finance, health care, government, technology, and the Port of Tampa which is the largest port in the State of Florida. Notable attractions include the University of South Florida, MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa International Airport, and has several professional sports teams including the National Football League’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers.