Just at the time when people thought COVID-19 was receding, the United States is again experiencing a resurgence of the pandemic with the latest Delta variant which has led to a spike in hospitalizations and deaths.

According to a Yale Medicine post, the Delta variant is more contagious than the other virus strains and has the potential to accelerate the pandemic, especially among the unvaccinated.

While vaccination efforts are being ramped up to further slow the spread of the virus, commercial property owners and businesses also have a role to play by ensuring that their business spaces are safe for customers or clients and employees.

So, how do you maintain a clean business environment that’s safe for everyone in the midst of the surging Delta variant cases?

Safety Measures To Apply In Your Commercial Property

Encourage Vaccination

Vaccination remains the most effective way to reduce transmissions, hospitalizations or deaths from the COVID-19. Employers have continued to encourage their workers to get vaccinated. According to a  Willis Towers Watson survey conducted in May, it was discovered that 28% of the employers communicated the importance of vaccination to their employees.

Encouraging vaccination among your staff helps limit the possible spread of the virus with your facility or building.

Define Your Mask Strategy

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDS) recommend wearing of masks indoors in public, especially in areas of substantial or high transmission, as one of the ways to maximize protection from the Delta variant.  

You can make your business safe for customers, employees and guests by mandating the unvaccinated to wear masks when visiting your office. This helps protect against both being infected, and infecting others. This goes for both unvaccinated employees and customers.

It’s crucial to provide clear guidance about your organization’s approach to mask wearing as this helps to avoid confusion or complaints under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) about masking requirements.

Reduce Exposure through Social Distancing

Since the pandemic started in 2020, social distancing has remained a new normal in public places. You can significantly slow the rate and speed of transmission by reducing congestion in your workspace.

Several organizations have introduced flexible schedules and remote work to help control the number of staff present at work at a particular time. You can also enforce social distancing by ensuring customers stay at least 1.5 meters away from one another.

Improve Ventilation

Ventilation in a building can impact transmission.  Experts have recommended ventilation as part of strategies to reduce the spread of the virus in the workspace.

Fortunately, improving the flow and quality of air in your workplace doesn’t always require expensive renovations. Some workplaces can install additional air exchanges and improve the air filtration systems, while some can open windows to encourage cross ventilation.

Practice Regular Cleaning & Disinfecting Practice

While the scientific community continues to work to understand the Delta virus and invent a cure for the COVID-19, it’s important for your business to prioritize regular cleaning and disinfecting your facilities, including the furniture, surfaces, and office devices.

Medical experts have said that delta has an incubation period of four days instead of six, making people transmit the virus sooner and increasing the possibility of infecting others before the person even knows they have contracted the virus.

Laboratory Studies have revealed that the virus can survive on surfaces for a few hours up to several days, depending on the nature of the surface. Other  lab-based studies have also found that particles of the virus can linger in the air in aerosolized form for up to 16 hours.

The previous year has demonstrated that effective, regular surface cleaning can provide some reasonable amount of defense against transmission of the virus within workplaces. Likewise, disinfection services, especially in high-touch and high-traffic surfaces and areas can help safeguard your staff and customers from spreading or contracting the virus.       

Your best bet to keep your commercial property clean and safe is to hire a certified commercial cleaning company. Professional commercial cleaning services are trained and equipped to deliver a thorough, meticulous cleaning and disinfection services on demand.

JAN-PRO of Tampa Bay Can Help

If you’re looking to hire a commercial cleaning service in Tampa, FL and the surrounding areas, contact the experts Jan-Pro Cleaning & Disinfecting today.

Jan-Pro Cleaning & Disinfecting is a certified commercial cleaning company serving customers across Florida. Their experts are trained, licensed and equipped to handle both the interior and exterior cleaning needs of your property using the industry’s safest and most effective solution.

JAN-PRO serves a wide range of businesses across multiple industries, including retail, construction, restaurants, schools, offices, healthcare centers and so on. Whether you’re located in an office building, a business complex, own a co-working space or run a restaurant, JAN-PRO’s dedicated cleaning services help you protect everyone within your business space.

With a process that emphasizes a careful risk assessment survey, holistic cleaning and disinfection services and complete review, JAN-PRO of Tampa Bay delivers results you can count on. The company uses HEPA-Filter vacuums. This HEPA technology allows their vacuums to purity the air in your workplace, trapping particles as tiny as 0.3 microns in diameter.

Additionally, JAN-PRO uses microfiber materials for quality cleaning. Their expert cleaners use microfiber materials, respected in the commercial cleaning industry for their exceptional dirt-trapping and dust-trapping abilities.

With such rigorously administered cleaning services, you can rest assured and confident that your business space is safe to welcome staff and customers.

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Why Hire a Professional Commercial Cleaning Company?

Lead to Safer and Healthy Surroundings

A dirty and unkempt business space can expose your customers and employees to infectious diseases. Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company helps maintain a safe and secure environment for everyone in your facility. Professionals are equipped with the right tools and adequately trained to select and provide cleaning services that will not leave your customers or employees endangered.

Save Time 

Leaving your organization’s cleaning responsibility to an untrained, in-house cleaning staff may initially seem to be cost-effective – you tend to pay back in time, which can negatively impact your business. Conversely, a professional commercial cleaning service completes the clearing more accurately and on-time compared to your employee. This helps you save valuable time that could be used for other productive activities.

Save Cost

Hiring a commercial cleaning service like JAN-PRO is a more effective option for your business than having it done by an untrained in-house staff. This is because your employees may not be able to deliver the right results which may cause you to spend more on corrective services.

The experts at JAN-PRO ensure that your business cleaning is done the right way, the first time. Besides, they offer low and competitive rates, helping you to save some dollars. 

Enhance Professional Image

In the midst of the raging Delta variant, companies that invest in regular commercial cleaning of their business spaces stand the chance of earning a good reputation from customers. Keeping your company clean and safe shows that you care about your customers and safety and this will go a long way in improving your professional image. This can help you win more customers and clients to your business.

Help Reduce Liability Risks

As a business owner, it’s your duty to provide a safe environment for your customers, visitors and employees by implementing safety measures. If anyone is infected on your facility, you may be held liable for their personal injury if negligence was proven in the case. You can avert avoidable legal liabilities by hiring the professionals at JAN-PRO of Tampa Bay to handle everything from cleaning to disinfecting.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to colossal humanitarian tragedy and has adversely impacted businesses across the country. Unfortunately, the war against the pandemic is far from ending until a proven cure is discovered. Consequently, employers and their employees must continue to adhere to the highest safety precautions in how they cope in this tough time.

Cleanliness goes a long way in keeping your facilities safe for your staff and customers or clients. You can rely on JAN-PRO of Tampa Bay for all of your cleaning needs in Tampa Bay, FL and the surrounding areas. For more information, call them at (813) 864-1940.