Although Florida authorities are allowing businesses such as restaurants or dental offices to open, some employees might not feel safe to return to work because of health risks since COVID-19 is still spreading in the United States. Employers should commit to following the guidelines that organizations like the CDC issue to ensure the health and safety of customers and staff. Acquiring personal protective equipment (PPE) for employees and providing disinfected and sanitized workspaces should be a priority.

Commercial cleaning companies like JAN-PRO of Tampa Bay help meet the cleaning and disinfection standards needed to reopen businesses in Tampa. JAN-PRO of Tampa Bay is a business’ best ally for reopening during and after the coronavirus pandemic. For years, the company has been serving the cleaning and disinfecting needs of commercial clients and has the experience and technology to rise to the current challenge presented by COVID-19.

JAN-PRO of Tampa Bay offers the proprietary Enviroshield® Commercial Disinfectant System, medical-grade disinfection that wipes out 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, including H1N1, MRSA, and coronavirus. Enviroshield® works on any surface, from hard-to-reach nooks and crannies to porous surfaces to absorbent materials. The system’s electrostatic technology applies JAN-PRO’s EPA-approved disinfectant, which kills viruses and bacteria in sixty seconds.

Another service is the EnviroShield Endure® Antimicrobial System, a long-term disinfection service that complements the Enviroshield® Commercial Disinfectant System. The product coats surfaces and creates a long-lasting protective barrier that prevents microbial regrowth and continues to eliminate germs for six months, even after regular cleaning.

Since these systems can treat high-risk spaces and high-touch areas, they can be used to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in any building. JAN-PRO of Tampa Bay disinfects all types of commercial properties in Tampa, including offices, medical centers, gyms, auto dealerships, restaurants. The team can clean workstations, fabric and leather furniture, walls, break rooms, computer keyboards, and bathrooms.

Some companies claim to disinfect and eliminate viruses, but most do not have the necessary certifications to guarantee the safety and cleanliness of a facility. For the sake of employees, customers, and owners, businesses should seek out a reliable commercial cleaning service. A respected brand in the market, JAN-PRO of Tampa Bay offers products that are certified, patented, and effective and is a company that businesses can trust.

As the world’s largest and most trusted commercial cleaning brand, JAN-PRO of Tampa Bay works with all types of businesses to ensure their facilities are cleaned and disinfected to the highest standards. With over twenty-five years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, JAN-PRO has created a unique and effective approach to workplace disinfection that has improved the lives of thousands of employees and business owners in Tampa.


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