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While studies have long shown that a clean, tidy workplace is vital for employee satisfaction, recent outbreaks have thrown corporate standards and health practices on their heads, making a clean workplace even more critical.

JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting in Tampa Bay has outlined the following steps to maintain a clean workplace and reduce the risk of virus spread.

9 Ways to Keep Your Commercial Space Clean Amidst Outbreaks

1. Ensure The Common Areas Are Clean

A University of Arizona study found that Germs Spread very fast at work. According to the research, when someone arrives at work unwell, roughly 50% of the frequently touched surfaces in the workplace will be contaminated by lunchtime. This is why it’s essential to keep common areas clean and disinfected at all times.

The coronavirus can stay on a surface for some time, but it’s not just the coronavirus you should be worried about with a dirty common area. Your employees will be exposed to germs and bacteria that can increase illnesses and slow down productivity.

The common area should be cleaned daily with bleach or an antibacterial cleanser.

Also, consider getting hand sanitizers outside this area. Employees can be required to wash their hands before entering the common area to ensure their hands are clean before handling anything.

The issue with cleaning these areas is deciding who cleans them since all employees use them. This is a major reason why most organizations hire Commercial Cleaning Services to handle their cleaning.

2. Make Cleaning Fun

While workplace hygiene is not a game, making it enjoyable is one way you can help incorporate a maintenance culture in an organization. Whether it’s an office, facility, school, or gym, you can create workplace maintenance-themed trivia, quizzes, and videos about dos and don’ts with your workplace digital signage.

Friendly competition with incentives is also a powerful motivator. For instance, you can ask employees to vote for the staff with the best arranged and cleaned desk, or include it as a criterion in your employer of the month selection.

Employees are more likely to stay involved, retain information, and assist in keeping the workplace clean if a bit of fun is added to the mix.

3. Adopt a Clean-As-You-Go Policy

A clean-as-you-go policy is a cleaning technique used to reduce hygiene, health, and safety issues in the workplace. The strategy involves taking frequent cleaning breaks during the working day and incorporating cleaning into your daily routine to keep equipment, surfaces, garbage, and the premises clean, sanitary, and clutter-free.

Many businesses don’t consider a job finished until the mess has been cleaned up. Suppose a machine produces metal shavings, or a work shift generates packaging material waste at separate packing stations. In that case, the day isn’t over until those are cleaned up.

Allowing a pallet of product to remain on the floor after a picking process is not a good idea.

The clean-as-you-go policy gives less senior or experienced employees the confidence to clean during downtime because they understand it is part of their job.

Most companies in Tampa are able to incorporate the clean-as-you-go policy using Commercial Cleaning Services from JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting in Tampa Bay. This way, employees can keep working while the expert cleaners take care of dirt and dust throughout the day.

4. Organize Your Workspace

Workstations contain some of the dirtiest and germiest surfaces in the workplace. As such, maintaining a clean and tidy workstation is more critical than ever now.

Employees should be encouraged to regularly clean all frequently touched surfaces in the workplace, such as remote controls, desks, worktops, and doorknobs.

Begin by examining stacks of paper for anything too vital to discard, shred anything sensitive (such as documents and printouts holding financial or personal information), and place the rest in paper waste recycling bags.

To give your deck a thorough cleaning, remove everything from it so you can easily access every inch of its surface. Place everything in a nearby pile, then arrange or discard the objects as you return to your workstation.

5. Stock on Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Materials/Supplies

If you want employees to do a good job cleaning the workplace, you must provide them with the required tools and resources. Having cleaning supplies on hand at all times is a terrific way to keep your workplace clean.

Get essential cleaning tools and supplies like microfiber cloths, broom or brush, dustpan, mops, bucket, disinfectant, and your choice of detergent.

Nobody would have an excuse not to clean up any messes or keep the place tidy if you keep these on hand. Don’t make an employee walk half the facility for a broom if you ask them to sweep. It’s a waste of their time and your money if they have to walk long distances for anything.

Consider making out a cleaning room where the basic ones are kept. So if someone spills coffee, for instance, they’ll know where to get a cloth to clean it up.

6. Create A Maintenance Committee

Form a workplace cleaning and Hygiene committee comprising personnel from different departments – from high management to regular employees. The committee should be in charge of cleaning issues, inspections, illness statistics, and other health-related matters. They should meet regularly to discuss hygiene concerns and the risks of diseases like coronavirus.

Similarly, once a month or quarterly, host departmental or company-wide safety and hygiene meetings to solicit employee feedback.

Regular employee feedback is beneficial because it alerts managers to potential health risks that may otherwise go overlooked. It also informs managers about how employees are doing/feeling and makes employees feel valued, which boosts mental health and productivity.

If you have an existing workplace safety committee, you can expand its scope to include workplace hygiene and cleaning, if it doesn’t already.

7. Clean your Computers and Machines

The average computer keyboard is said to contain 400 to 20,000 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. So make sure to thoroughly sanitize your keyboard regularly to avoid it becoming a health threat.

Turn off and unplug computers and equipment before cleaning and disinfecting them. Wipe your machine down with a microfiber cloth with a mix of 50 percent water and 50 percent vinegar. Make sure you only use a small amount of the solution and stay away from any ports.

Disconnect any external mice, remove any batteries and wipe them with a cloth dampened with a little bit of alcohol. 

8. Provide Plenty Of Trash Cans And Empty Them Regularly

Taking out the trash daily is a healthy routine that you can begin nearly immediately. Garbage can accumulate, and germs and bacteria can thrive if left alone. Aside from that, the trash that is left to stew indoors for an extended period might develop an odor.

This will make your office dirtier while also making it a less healthy environment to work in. All of the negative consequences of a neglected trash bin can be avoided by making it a practice to take your trash out daily.

You can do it either first thing in the morning when you first arrive at work or immediately before you leave for home.

9. Engage With A Professional

Keeping the workplace clean can be a difficult task, depending on its size and the type of work you do. While you can delegate cleaning responsibilities to your employees, you won’t have much success with that – which is why most companies rely on Commercial Cleaning Services provided by Professionals.

By offering faster and better outcomes, these professionals relieve you of the worry of cleaning your space, save you time, and lower your stress. They have access to modern cleaning equipment and can leverage their experience to achieve a higher level of cleanliness.

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