Rowlett Park in Tampa, Florida is a great place for families to play. Located right in the heart of Tampa, Rowlett Park has everything that children love, but they don’t have to drive to it, which is a plus for many Tampa Bay residents who live too far away. The park features all of the activities your little one loves, like tennis courts, volleyball courts, and even an area that is used for dog shows every Saturday. Further facts about Tampa, FL can be found here.

Tennis: It doesn’t matter what type of tennis you are looking to play, Rowlett Park has it for you! Rowlett Park features several different tennis courts, and they are all easy to navigate. There are even a few pro tennis courts that children can practice on as well. They even have kids tennis shoes in the tennis court, making the tennis experience easier for the children, and for you. This is the best place to practice tennis, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro. Information about River Boulevard Park in Tampa, Florida is a Great Place to Be can be found here.

Dog Parks: Even if your dog likes to wander around the neighborhood, it is always a good idea to have a designated area where you can take your dog out. Dogs can play with other dogs and with other pets, so there really isn’t any bad breath associated with playing in this area. Dog owners can leave their dogs at the playground area all day, or they can visit the dog park on the weekends. Children also love to play in the dog park and can spend hours just playing with their dog. This is a great way to enjoy the park during the summer months when the weather is nice, but the grass is dry. The dog park is open twenty-four hours a day. No wonder it is so popular with families.