Sulphur Spring Water Tower is perhaps one of the most famous landmarks of Tampa, Fl. It is a historic landmark of Tampa Bay, Florida. It stands at 214 feet high, with a concrete foundation up to 45 feet high that makes it even more visible from a long distance. It is located in the historically rich part of Sulphur Falls, on the south side of the Causeway. Its location in the Causeway area is very important since the tower was built at a place where it faces strong winds of almost hurricane force. With that in mind, it is no wonder that the tower has endured through the storm. Tampa, FL information can be seen at this link.

Its location was selected for a few reasons, but it was mainly so that the area of the Causeway would be protected during hurricanes and other strong winds. The area is surrounded by steep cliffs on three sides and then runs under an arch. The wind will blow through this arch and create strong pressure that will push the water up to the top of the structure. After that, the water will spill over the top of the arch and flow into a basin below. That basin, like many others throughout the area, will hold the water until it reaches its destination and empties itself into the Gulf of Mexico. Since the storm, the causeway has been closed as a weather safety precaution. However, even now that the weather is milder, you can still view the Sulphur Spring Water Tower and the other attractions that are part of this historic area. Discover facts about Experience the Beautiful Serengeti Safari in Tampa, Florida.

To find out about the Sulphur Spring Water Tower, all you need to do is take a trip to the website that provides tourist information. There you will find information about the history of the structure, where you can park to experience the view, and what the area is like today. As you might expect, there are many pictures and videos available that show you the area in its present condition and what it once looked like. The causeway, and the area around it, was once a busy port. There are many artifacts that have been found throughout the years that tell us about the early days of the area. In fact, it was used to build the Spanish fort and American settlements. If you are planning a vacation, you might want to plan your visit to include the Sulphur springs water tower in Tampa, Florida.