Lake Magdalene, Florida is the most populous lake district of Hillsborough County in Florida State. It is located on Tampa Bay and is bordered by the Apalachicola and Tampa bay straits. Lake Magdalene has a total shoreline of 5 km. The most populated area is approximately two square miles. Tampa, FL information can be seen at this link.

Lake Magdalene, Florida is part of the Hillsborough County area and is part of the Tampa bay area. In this area are approximately fourteen towns including the popular vacation city of Tampa. Lake Magdalene stands out among other lakes because of its unique natural setting consisting of pine wooded hillsides, swamps, bays teeming with wildlife and plants. This picturesque lake is also home to several restaurants, parks, golf courses, and other recreational and business activities. Lake Magdalene is known as a Florida Green State Park because of the abundance of natural wildlife and diverse vegetation. Discover facts about Lake Fern, Florida – A Community Designed Around the Lake.

Lake Magdalene is Florida’s third most populous county, following the larger cities of Tampa and Orlando. It is considered to be the fastest-growing city in Hillsborough County behind the larger cities of Tampa and Orlando. In terms of residential growth, Lake Magdalene has experienced the greatest growth, with over five thousand new homes built over the last five years. This promising trend bodes well for future Tampa residents, especially those who long for more water frontage and natural scenery along the shores of Lake Magdalene.

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